Rhythm Nation - where performance is sport.

“We are Rhythm Nation”
Rhythm Nation design and manufacture performance sportswear for Irish Dancers around the world. Our mission is to communicate the lifestyle and commitment demonstrated by Irish Dancers while also acknowledging a tradition, art and discipline that is distinctly Irish.

“This is your Story”
We communicate the story of an Irish dancer as an athlete; hours of training and hundreds of competitions in pursuit of their best performance. This story revolutionises the perception of Irish dancers and identifies them as Performance Athletes in a competitive sport.

“Now you can wear it”
The Rhythm Nation Performance Athlete jersey was launched at the CLRG All Irelands 2016 and is available now to buy now online.  We were selected sponsors for the CLRG World Championships, with the 2017 winners receiving a custom jersey to celebrate their achievement.  Sign up below to receive notifications of new product launches and special offers!